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ST47: Stephen interviews Lance Growth

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Episode 47

In this episode Stephen interviews Lance Growth. Lance is the founder of collective access, a program that teaches kids how to network, and the importance of networking. Collective access meets once monthly, has a charitable event monthly, and has an event where everyone is invited quarterly. The inspiration behind collective access, came when his mentor was tired of Lance just being a boxer, and told him if he applied for college it would be paid for. Collective access has been around for just over a year, and Lance just wanted to give kids the opportunity to live up to their potential. Lance was born on an island just off the Caribbean, and eventually became the main distributer of condoms in St. Lucia. Eventually the government bought out his company, and he moved back to the states. Being twenty-two years old, he spent his money on everything he could, then became a boxer and a mentor. What started him in non-profit work was ice cream for a dream. Now his biggest challenge is keeping young entrepreneurs focused, and remembering that the same tune that got you in the door, can send you out as well. Lance thinks it is important to remember that everyone moves at their own pace, because you cant be the person to bring down your teams by comparing them to others. In the future Lance hopes to digitize philanthropy, but more short term, he hopes to make his programs more consistent, and become a staple in the community.