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ST46: Alon David

Success Planner

Episode 46

Going to the store, year after year, looking for a goal planner but never finding it. I wanted a planner that could give me a system that could help me to achieve my goals. Finding planner that would give me the ability to not only achieve my goals but also to plan my day and be able to write down any thoughts that I have. I found blank planners, regular planners, to-do lists, goals planners, but I couldn’t find something that has everything. I wanted something with a system, something that included all of this plus more.

Finally, I decided to just create my own. Making something with a system, something where you could write down thoughts, actions, plans for the day, achieve your goals, and a follow up to see how the day went. The way that this system works is by having a full two-page spread for each day. On the first day your write your top five goals, and each day you write out just what steps you’re going to take in order to become closer to your goal. This section is called the actions sections, I created this section by researching just how successful people become successful. After much research I found that successful people go over their goals more than other people and that’s how they achieve their goals.

Creating my own goal planner has been difficult but I think that being goal oriented, writing out your goals, and the actions that you can take to reach them is one of the most important things to do in life. Without goals, or dreams, the world would be dull and with the 90X Goal Planner you can make your dreams a reality in the next three months


In this episode Stephen interviews Alon David, he moved from Israel around twenty- one years ago. When he came to San Diego he started in construction, went to school, and eventually got his degree. After getting his degree Alon moved into photography, now he has a business with multiple photographers, videographers, and photo booths. Once the construction company went belly up, he started his own business, and that’s what ultimately led to him creating his 90X planners. Alon started working very young, when he was fourteen to be exact, and was always looking for the next opportunity where he could work or what he could do. Now married with four boys, he works from home often when his family is sleeping. If Alon knew what he knew now, he would do everything much faster, just follow his gut and go for it. His wife is what gives him his inspiration and push to keep going, even with as little as three to four hours of sleep a night. But his kids are what inspired the 90X planner, now he wants to bring the [lanner to as many people as possible to help them reach their goals. Currently his planner is in twenty-five retail stores, but hopes to be in one thousand by twenty-eighteen. Alon says the biggest hurtle for people not reaching their goals is not following through. Alon hopes to one day have ultimate freedom, travel when he wants, do what he wants, and be able to give back as much as he can.