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ST44 : Stephen interviews Alan Leung

Determined introvert

Episode 44

Introverts are normally not thought of as very ambitious. They are usually generalized as computer nerds or engineers. Alan is an introvert, but he is a determined introvert.

Alan Leung was blessed to be born and raised in beautiful Sunny San Diego. H continues to reside in San Diego with his lovely wife Wendy. Alan is the owner and operator of Mobilezilla. Mobilezilla helps serve San Diego by providing two great services: 1 buy used phones, smartwatches, laptops, ipods, tablets, ipads, gopro, kindles and other electronics from the user who no longer wants them. Instead of letting it sit on your desk collecting dust, get cash for your items and you don’t have to worry about them anymore. The second service Mobilezilla provides is to repair iphone screens, charge ports, cameras, batteries, sound issues and other things related to the iphones. They also give 90 day warranty on the work they do. What makes them different is they donate 10% of proceeds to benefit The Humane Society and Red Cross.

To further check out Mobilezilla and what they do, visit the website at

For listeners of this podcast mention Stegela when you get your iphone repair through mobilezilla and Alan will give you a free tempered glass upgrade for your iphone.

Mobilezilla provides a great solution to individuals who don’t know, or don’t want to figure out how to sell their phones and electronics. In some cases, your devices can even be cracked, damaged, water damaged or have no power.

Alan holds a B.S degree in economics as well as a minor in the Chinese Language.

Alan started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 28. He’s failed forward many times and now has two profitable businesses from the lessons he’s learned throughout his journey. Aside from running his own business, he’s also a passive investor in real estate and business opportunities.

Alan first started in this business in 2015. Since then, he’s currently doing about 12K a month in revenue with about 40% of that being profit. Prior to running his own business, Alan worked in the insurance industry for 7 years. He also has experience managing a restaurant as he has done so for many years at his families restaurant. Alan spends about 50 hours a week working in the trenches, and another 20 hours working on his craft, working on his mindset and working on ideas. Alan was inspired to get started with Mobilezilla as he knew he wanted to run his own business. He wasn’t sure what type of business and accidentally fell into this when. He was shopping for second hand phones for his family, and realized that people selling the phones weren’t always upfront and honest. He knew there had to be a better way to do this and to treat the people not only buying but selling these items as well.

Alan and his wife currently do not have any kids, but plan to have some in the near future. They have a lazy loveable King Charles called Au Au, which translates to cow cow.

Aside from business, Alan is passionate about fishing. He loves spending his free time kayak fishing in La Jolla. He also likes to give back by donating time or money to causes that help the enviornment, the red cross, humane societ, the and the homeless.

Alan’s Pet Peeve’s are when people say one thing, but do something else. He believes that you should always communicate and have the decency to let others know if there are a change of plans.

Alan is bilingual, he speaks English and Chinese. He speaks two different dialects of Chinese, Cantonese and some Mandarin.

Fun Facts about Alan include that he loves to eat, but he also believes in being healthy. His love for food usually wins over but when he’s serious about his health, he’s all in and doesn’t budge. Alan also hates heights and roller coasters. Alan is what you would call a determined introvert.

In todays episode, Stephen interviews Alan Leung also known as the F.U.K (follow up king). Since last time Alan has started a side hustle, now he sells electronics, and other items. Alan not only resells items, but he also fixes Iphone screens, and has a family business. With so much hustle going on, Alan basically plans out his days to a T, He knows what days he has to be at the family business, and works his schedule around that. Its very important when you are so busy to make sure you have good communication, so your customers don’t think you are ignoring them. Something unique about these companies is 10% of their proceeds go to the humane society, and the red cross. Growing up, Alan’s parents tried their hardest to give him and his brothers everything they could. Both Alan’s mom and dad worked full time, and they gave them the work ethic he has today. Alan worked in insurance, but found himself hating his job, then his sister introduced him to network marketing.  A few years after that Alan joined Stephen’s mastermind, and really enjoys the iron sharpening iron environment. One day Alan wants to get a store front, that way he can have employees run things for him, and he could have time to work on other ventures. Alan’s best advice would be to get a mentor, and you don’t need permission from other to get what you want done.