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ST41 : Stephen Talks About ‘Slight Edge’

Follow through

Episode 41

In this episode get to know Stephen a little better, as you hear some of his personal struggles.  The topic of today’s podcast is self disciplined, and sticking to your word by turning a big goal into smaller more manageable goal. A common way of dealing with your problems is to say, “I should do this”, by saying I should you are basically giving yourself permission to not follow through.  Instead we are going to say “I must”, I must go to the gym, I must save money, I must wake up early. When you say must you aren’t giving yourself a way out of your goal, but instead forcing yourself to hit that goal.

There are two main forces that drive people to reach their goals. Either you are being pushed by pressure or stress, or you are being pulled by your goals, or passion. If you cant get yourself to commit to a goal, try forcing yourself to get it done by putting the pressure on yourself.  Give yourself a penalty if you don’t work toward your goal daily, and make it something that you really don’t want to lose. When choosing your accountability buddy make sureto choose someone who is hoping for your victory not hoping you fail and someone that is passionate about you hitting your goal.

  • Key Points
  • Make small goals that will build
  • Don’t say should
  • Driven by pressure, or being pushed
  • Vision is driving force