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ST40 : Stephen Talks About Personal Brand

Personal Brand

Episode 40

In this episode, Stephen Dela Cruz talk about the importance of personal branding and how to create a personal brand. Send your questions to

What is a personal brand, and how does it help your business grow? Today Stephen talks about how to build a personal brand that works for you.  When building a personal brand think beyond just a logo, your brand should invoke some emotion to anyone that sees it.  Try to think of what emotion you want people to feel when they think of your brand, what smells do you want people to remind them of your brand, what sights, what tastes? Think back to a bad experience you had at a business, even if that company employs thousands of people, do you associate that company with the employee that gave you bad service?  When you have a personal brand it helps people know, like, and trust you, which will help your endorsement, go a longer way.

People buy for three reasons, price, the product, and the person selling or endorsing it. Imagine if you have a inferior product, and a decent price, this is where having a personal brand comes into play. If the costumer feels like they know like and trust you they will be more likely to buy that product from you.

How do you plan on building your personal brand?  Most people think of social media i.e. Facebook, twitter, or even a blog. Some people don’t think of podcasts, or think they think podcasts don’t fit them. Podcasts are huge tool for you to use to build your personal brand, because you are talking to the audience directly. This gives people the feeling that they are getting to know you. This is so important because when people feel like they know you they start to trust you and your company more. People are more likely to listen to podcast then to sit down in front of a computer and watch videos.

What is attraction marketing? When you are marketing is all about trying to attract people to your business, sometimes this can go wrong. Examples of not attracting people to your business would be spam marketing. When you are constantly trying to reach out to people it can annoy people. Now when people think of your brand they think of how irritated they get when you are trying to reach out to them.

The most important thing to think about when building a personal brand is making connections, invoking feeling, and how you want your brand to be received.