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ST34 : Stephen Interviews Dave DiVerniero

Black Chip Collective

Episode 34

Dave has been a producer and editor of TV, Film and Video for over a decade. He has worked on doc style TV (No Reservations, Hell’s Kitchen, Mythbusters, etc), award winning films (Paramos: Water for Life, To Dad, Field Chronicles: Chingaza) as well as broadcast ads and promotional materials for some of the biggest brands in the world (Audi, Long and Foster, Facebook, etc). He is currently the Executive Producer of Black Chip Collective, which provides video staffing services nationally as well as fully managed productions in SoCal.


Black Chip Collective is the staffing service:

and Black Chip Studios is the production division:

–       Summary

In todays episode, Stephen interviews Dave DiVerniero, the executive producer of Black Chip Collective. Working in D.C.  as a freelancer he explains that even with a steady stream of work, it is often feast or famine. Similar to a staffing agency, the main difference is someone with field experience is vetting the staff, the idea behind this is it is easier for them to spot talent, and place staff with jobs that suit their talents. In the beginning as a freelancer, Dave did consider himself an entrepreneur; it wasn’t till around a year ago he started Black Chip Collective, that he realized what that actually meant. Different ways that they find their staff, is by going to popular places where freelance artists hang out, not always in person, but also online. It may have taken a bit for him to feel comfortable with the stability of the Black Chip Collective, but after a year Dave says he is finally feeling comfortable. Originally the idea was to just create a network of freelancers, but he began to see the value in contracting the freelancers out.  Ashe grows his company Dave hopes to move into graphic design, and web development. He also hopes to bring his services national, currently he Black Chip Collective does video in San Diego, D.C., and L.A. If you would like to become part of the Black Chip Collective, feel free to send in a resume, but don’t be offended when it takes a long time to get back to you, because Dave has a very big backlog of resumes.