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ST33 : Stephen Interviews Pam Covarrubias

Spread Ideas Move People

Episode 33

In this episode Stephen Dela Cruz interviews Pam Covarrubias, founder of spread ideas, move people. Starting out in the corporate world she discovered her passion in life was to inspire people through stories. Having an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, moving away from the corporate world was a natural change for her. Although scared Pam decided to follow her passion through her podcast series. Pam has been recruited multiple times by companies, and still has decided to stick with her passion. Though friends and family want her to take the jobs, this is something Pam has decided to do for herself, and others.  Originally Pam started this series to tell her own story, but she has ended up sharing other peoples stories more often. In the future she plans to focus more on her own story, and her t-shirt line. With every story Pam learns something new and exciting.  Her clothing line plays off the fact that she grew up bi-lingual, and how often bi-lingual people think and speak in both languages. Her best advice to those looking to leave corporate America is, take a breath, have a plan, and don’t give up. Being an entrepreneur, is all about finding what is needed, and finding a way to make happen.

Key Points

  • Don’t give up
  • Follow your passion
  • Don’t be afraid to move laterally
  • Follow your passion
  • Learn from your experiences