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What Is A Mastermind Group?

Experience the transformative synergy of minds that fueled the success of visionaries like John Burroughs, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone. In the legendary "Think And Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill revealed the secret behind their achievements: a mastermind group.

Imagine a circle of allies who help you conquer challenges, ignite ideas, offer guidance, and elevate your journey. When you face hurdles, your mastermind group acts as a board of advisors, providing insights based on experience and expertise.

Feeling stuck? Longing for a supportive community to fuel your personal and professional growth? Look no further than a mastermind group.

Discover a space where individuals converge to share wisdom, collaborate, and uplift. Connect with like-minded peers who strive for success in various domains, tapping into their knowledge to accelerate your own aspirations.

Brainstorm ideas, set objectives, and be held accountable within this group's nurturing embrace. Harness collective knowledge to enrich every facet of your life.

The best part? A mastermind group offers unparalleled support and responsibility. With a dedicated team cheering for your achievements, you'll witness unprecedented growth.

Elevate your journey today. Join a mastermind group and amplify your personal and professional evolution. Your potential awaits!

What Makes Subliminal Success Mastermind Group Different Than The Others?

Tired of cookie-cutter mastermind groups fixated solely on strategies and tactics? Step into a realm of transformation that sets us apart. We're not just another mastermind group; we're your therapeutic journey to excellence.

Focused on three core pillars – Self, Sales & Significance – our approach is like reprogramming a computer. Led by an international board certified clinical hypnotherapist, we're here to catalyze profound change in your life.

1.) Self:

Unleash your potential by rewiring your subconscious mind, dismantling past traumas, and eradicating limiting beliefs. Overcome fears and phobias that hinder your progress.

2.) Sales:

Harness subliminal persuasive influence techniques to supercharge your marketing strategies and craft impactful sales presentations. Elevate your bottom line and amplify your income.

3.) Significance: 

Harness subliminal persuasive influence techniques to supercharge your marketing strategies and craft impactful sales presentations. Elevate your bottom line and amplify your income.

Join us today and experience the difference that Subliminal Success Mastermind Group brings to your journey.
Elevate your potential, redefine your sales prowess, and find your true significance.

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Join the Inner Circle of Success with Mastermind Dinners

Step into a realm of intimate gatherings designed for growth, connection, and mastery. These exclusive dinner parties, held every other week, bring together like-minded individuals to share, strategize, and elevate their goals. A platform for exchanging ideas, referrals, and insights, these dinners may feature interactive sessions, seminars, and guest speakers. Elevate your mind and business to new horizons by becoming part of this thriving community.

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Unlock Your Potential with the Inner Game of Success

The typical coaching programs out there would give strategies, blueprints and maps on how to achieve your goals. Go left here, go right there, go over the bridge and turn right! But it doesn't matter how good of a map you are given, if the engine of the car is broken, you won't move!
We already know what we need to do... Google, Youtube, TikTok, Books, etc. has all the information we need. We don't have an information problem, but a subliminal mind problem! It's not more maps we need, we need the engine fixed!

Subliminal Success Mastermind was created with this very issue in mind.
We spend 70% on the engine and 30% on the map. 
The subliminal mind is what dictates our actions, our fears, our beliefs and habits. With the subliminal mind the focus, the strategies and blueprints will come effortless and natural. Procrastination would stop, motivation would come easily and goals would be accomplished faster!

This mastermind takes a therapeutic approach to coaching. You will love the culture that is developed and find this is a family that sincerely cares and supports you to your next level. 

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Stephen Dela Cruz, CH.t

Stephen has been an entrepreneur in various industries for the last 18 years and a business coach for the last 7 years. Combined with his business experience and his international board certification in clinical hypnotherapy, Stephen leads this mastermind from his penthouse in downtown San Diego.
Stephen has been a student of cognitive science for years. Researching why people act the way they do and what moves people into action. Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis are two powerful tools used in this program and have been demonstrated to be extremely successful!

Stephen is also a certified hypnotherapist instructor as a trainer to the trainers. His passion to help people succeed, professional credentials, and experience make Stephen an outstanding hypnotherapist and coach you will love to work with.