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How to Win Your Office White Elephant Party

Hilariously Appropriate Gifts

Finding an appropriate gift for your office white elephant part can be a task! Keeping it light and funny for adults, but staying PG-13 so your boss doesn’t get mad at you, is a very fine line! With this list of amazing product that will not only get your co-workers laughing but also keep you out of trouble is just what you need this holiday!

1. Prescription Coffee Mug

We all know that one person who you cant talk to in the morning before they have their coffee! Chances are there isn’t just one in your office, this gift will highlight that they need coffee in a fun and appropriate way. No angry boss and everyone who needs coffee in the morning will be fighting over your white elephant gift!

2. The Emergency Inflatable Brain

How many times have you needed a little extra help on Monday, maybe went a little overboard this weekend, or maybe your brain just didn’t get out of bed with you. Never fret with this fun and energetic desk toy you will never be without a brain. If your boss gets it he can easily hand it out to each and every worker who needs it. If anyone in your office could use some help, then this is a perfect gift!

3. Pizza or bacon Cologne

Nowadays it seems like everything comes in bacon or pizza so it should be ni shock that you can get that crisp fresh pizza smell. These are perfect for any person who wants to smell delicious to anyone else (because who doesn’t love bacon or pizza)!!! Keep y our coworkers happy and hungry with this scrumptious while elephant gift!

4. Boyfriends Body Pillow

Is there anyone at your office that needs a little extra love in their life? This is perfect for anyone who wants to cuddle, without having to deal with any actual emotions! The boyfriend or girlfriend pillow is perfect for snuggling up on those cold winter nights to watch a movie while ensuring you won’t get any annoying commentary.

5. Instant excuses

Always late for work? Don’t have enough excuses, then this is perfect! Whether this is for the person in the office who goes a little too hard on the weekend, can’t seem to get up to their first alarm, or just doesn’t get any work done, Instant Excuses will help them figure out their excuse on the fly!

6. The Nap Sack

Who couldn’t use a nap more often? This nifty little contraption says it can help you sleep anywhere! Giving you total darkness and privacy this adorably dorky gift makes it easy to take a nap in between meetings, on lunch, or even sneak one in during work time.

7. How to Poo at work The ultimate guide

Let’s face it, pooping in the office is no ones favorite thing to do this guide helps your office mates learn the dos and don’ts of taking a doozy of a toozy in the office! Don’t let fear of embarrassment keep you from doing what comes naturally in the office!

8. Beard hat

Just because not everyone in your office cant grows a beard doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to know what it feels like. This is perfect men, women and anyone who seems to be lacking in the facial department. Help your office mates out by making them feel like the boss they are throughout the workday!

9. Box of Scorn

Have you ever tried to park at the office but someone is crocked, double-parked, or in a huge car in a compact space. This beautiful box of insults is perfect for the person who hates improperly parked cars (which is everyone).

10. Muffin top Muffin Holders

These little beauties make a perfectly hilarious little snack! If there is anyone in your office that likes to bake and has a good sense of humor then they will be gaga over these. It may not please the entire crowd, but it will at least get a chuckle from everyone thinking about those cute little muffin tops!

11. An Actual White Elephant

This is an oldy but a goody, every white elephant party should have an actual white elephant in the pot, just because it is a classic! They have elephant teapots, vases, pendants, you can find almost anything white elephant!

These fun white elephant gifts are sure to help you get a laugh from the entire office, and not one of them takes it overboard! Make sure to have fun this holiday season and get some good laughs while you do!