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Do You Have a Champion Mindset

The brutally honest truth about your mindset

What is a Champion to you? Is it someone who has won medals? Someone who is a leader? Maybe it is someone who perseveres through every struggle, every hardship, every setback that they go through and continues until they reach their goal. What makes champions different than every other person walking through life trying to get to the top? It is their mentality! The way a champion thinks is different than the average person, a champion doesn’t expect things, they don’t wait around for an opportunity, a champion works every day to reach their goal.

So what makes up a champion mindset, how can you emulate that mindset to become a champion?


Are you committed? I am not talking about the kind of commitment that you just say it, I mean do you live, breathe, think, and work for your goal each and every day, do you ask yourself how every decision will further your goal? That is true and undying commitment to your goal that you need to become champion. Commitment is something that you have to constantly remember, be thinking about, and battle the urges to quit, to stop working towards your goal, to accept less then you are worth. A champion commitment is something that doesn’t come overnight, it starts with knowing your goal, figuring out what you have to do to obtain that goal, and deciding what is more important to you, the urge to have fun or your need to obtain your goal. So what is your goal? What are you willing to trade, give up, or do to reach that goal? If your answer isn’t everything to at least one of those, then you are not fully committed to your goal, and you cannot expect to reach the highest point of your potential. If your priorities aren’t lined up with your goal, then you need to rethink your priorities, or pick a new goal because you will not reach it.


The main trait of a champion is to be able to see what is coming next. This stems from knowing your trade so well that you can see patterns in people, businesses, and trends in your field. If this is something that seems unfathomable to you, then you are to closed off to become a champion., expand your mind. In sports, a champion can see their opponents movements and know what they are going to do, where they are going to go, and if they did their research this should be second nature to them. This is why so many professional athletes watch tapes of their opponents, and themselves., by studying move your opponents behaved in the past you can see what moves are comfortable to them, and see how they are most likely going to move. This is why studying, researching, and understanding people is such an important task to becoming a champion in business. The other side of this is to study your own trends, knowing what others do out of comfort can help you deal with them, but remember every champion studies their opponent so if you don’t study yourself you leave yourself venerable. Going back and studying how you behave can help you recognize your weaknesses and improve on those. Looking towards the future how a champion creates their strategy to win their, game, business, and life.

Refusal to quit

How many stories have you heard from people explaining all the adversity, the challenges, and the hardships they had to endure to get to the point that they are in now? If your first thought is I could never have handled that, you don’t have a champion’s mindset. A champion asks how can I handle this, what can I do to endure this not this is too hard, or I cant. For a champion there is no other option, there is no quitting; there is no life without obtaining this goal. If you are the kind of person who quits at the first challenge, don’t start, reaching goals isn’t for you if you are willing to stop and give everything up at the first sign of difficulty. Chances are if you take offense to this, you are one of the people who aren’t willing to put everything they have or believe in yourself enough to become a champion. This doesn’t mean you can never become a champion, you just have to get over the fear of failure, the fear of being ridiculed, and the fear of letting people down. Believe in yourself, and your dreams enough to not quit on them, to struggle through every point where there is no profit, every point where you are depressed, every point where you want to throw everything away because you know that reaching your goal will bring something to the world, and yourself. If you want to be a champion you can never give up on your dream, you have to persevere and only see your goal.

If you don’t want massive success, and you want to live your life without challenges and no growth as a person, then, by all means, don’t apply any of this. But if you not only want to, but need to reach your goals then start to change your mindset to become a champion.