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Can You Help Others While Helping Yourself?

Giving Back to Your Why in Every Way Possible

What does serving mean to you? Is it helping others, teaching, inspiring, or even just lending a helping hand? Luckily for me I had the pleasure of attending ServeX October 10th and 11th where they focused on learning how to serve people, instead of just sell to them. But the founder of ServeX Manny Lopez doesn’t just teach us what it means to serve, he also showed us all weekend. Most people throw events for networking, a learning process, and of coarse the profits, Manny on the other hand gives 100% of his ticket sales to Together We Rise, truly showing us what it means to serve through his actions not just his words. At Stegela Success Mastery we believe giving back, and helping others should be a part of every persons life.

Who is Together We Rise? They are a non-profit that focuses on changing the experience of the foster system, did you know that when a child enters foster care they are given a trash bag and less than an hour to grab everything they can of personal value? Do you think that you could manage grabbing everything in your house that you would need to survive for an undetermined amount of time? Now imagine you were just put in a situation where you lost everything so you cant think straight, oh and think about this as if you were a child. Together we rise helps add personal touches with “sweet cases” birthday boxes, and build-a-bike programs, as well as providing resources for kids who age out of the foster system. If you are interested in helping check them out here!

As an entrepreneur it is so important to have a why, and give back to them! If you aren’t quite sure what I mean by a why, it is the reason you are striving for better, what pushes you and makes you want more. Helping those in foster care is Manny Lopez’s why, and look at what he created. Throwing a full fledge event to benefit his why, how many people can say they truly give themselves to their driving purpose like that? So many events are thrown for connections, learning moments, and profits, which are all amazing things! but using all of those to actually help an amazing cause, and create a space where people can network and make new connections, what could be better than that?

Using your platform to uplift the world, no matter what platform it is, is the responsibility of those who are held in high esteem of others. When big name speakers get up on stage, they don’t go up and say well my life sucked now its good so buy my stuff, they inspire you teach you and help lift you up so you are getting value out of their speech. They are using their platform to uplift, and inspire those who are attending, now imagine that they take that to the next level like Manny did. How much could we impact the world if every event that was held had a non-profit that it was sponsoring. How much can we actually change the world around us if more of us thought the way Manny did when he created ServeX?

It is the responsibility of the people to lift each other up, and help end each other when we are struggling. That is even more true for those who are as blessed with time, influence, or money. There are so many ways to change lives other than just donating money, although money does make a huge difference, not everyone has extra to give. Try donating time, clothing, cooking for others, find a cause that you believe in and give what you have. So many entrepreneurs ah expertise, so coach someone, or speak at events that actually make a difference. I want you to ask yourself, if there is something that you can be doing, or something that you have an abundance of. Stop and take a second to actually think about how you can serve others, and what something as simple as you time can really do for someone else. Can your time, money, or expertise be given to someone else and be used to lift their spirits? And really ask yourself why haven’t you been helping others all along?