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About me

Why I do What I do

I understand the power of having a coach and a mentor. Look, I even have a mentor myself. And, mentors help you avoid mistakes so that you can go further, faster. I’m your Massive Action Mentor!

I’m tired of seeing entrepreneurs struggle. There’s so much abundance out there. There’s enough to go around for everyone. I see so much potential in people, and more importantly…I see potential in you. I want to see you win. I want to see you happy, successful, and living the life you want and deserve.

Imagine what your life and business would like if you were able to effortlessly write that book, start that podcast or youtube channel, start your business, launch your product or service, send that email or pick up the phone and make that sales call.

Imagine what your life and business would like if you were able to effortleIt’s time to DO. It’s time to EXECUTE. It’s time to TAKE ACTION. Your future life is waiting for you.


Fun facts

Alright, so I’m pretty much an open book. Yes, I’m an entrepreneur AND as you can see from my photos I have a big personality. I like to have fun, be goofy, and you can probably hear my laugh from a mile away.

Other than that, check out these fun facts about me!

Stephen is known in the San Diego entrepreneur community for running San Diego’s number one coaching and mastermind program.

He spent most of his childhood, let’s just say, not playing by the rules.

Ending up in juvenile hall turned out to be the most impactful event up to this point in Stephen’s life.

His first venture was photography.

Stephen was deep in the grind when half his body suddenly went numb and collapsed on the floor.

My companies
and projects

Our vision with this magazine is to help you create your Life By Design for yourself. Being an entrepreneur is a rewarding journey, but not at all an easy road to travel. A lot of us are doing it on our own, with nonsupporting families and friends.

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Books That Will

Change Your Life

Entrepreneursh*t: Four Barriers That Keep Entrepreneurs From Massive Success

By Stephen Dela Cruz

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Wealth Magnet: 30 day Blueprint to attract Wealth & Success in Business & Life

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